Ghana 80’s Dancers and Friends — Change through Dancing

Ghana 80s Dancers and Friends is an non-profit organization with the aim of:

  1. Seeking the welfare of its members, including that of very needy dancers.
  2. Organizing yearly get togethers that seeks to bring all old and new dancers together to fraternize, know each other and share ideas.
  3. Putting our resources together to bring dance closer to the Ghanaian communities through dance competitions, in order to encourage talented dancers and put smiles on their faces.
  4. Supporting under-privilege individuals (widows, single mothers, orphans, elderly and street children) financially and otherwise.
  5. Contributing to national development by finding ways to support people in need through the annual donation of essential stuffs and logistics.

Based in Accra, Ghana 80’s Dancers and Friends has participated at important governmental functions, corporate and international music and dance festivals throughout Ghana, West Africa and across the world. For more enquires kindly email us

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